Laboratory Capabilities

Robert White, Mech. Eng.

SEM image of a hair like shear stress sensor fabricated using polysilicon surface micromachining and subsequent deposition and patterning of SU8 "hairs".

Vibrations and Acoustics Lab

Tufts Microfab


Tufts Micro/Nano Fab:

Thin film deposition, photolithography, etching, packaging and metrology for MEMS and NEMS. See the TMNF website for more details.

Laboratory capabilities at the Vibrations and Acoustics Lab:

Measurement of sound and vibration. The lab has a good selection of accelerometers and microphones, an electrodynamic shaker, impact hammer, speakers, and data acquisition abilities.

The lab has a small anechoic chamber for acoustic measurements, a benchtop reverberation chamber, a velocity sled for Doppler measurement, and a conductive ink writing system.

We also have a nice microscale Laser Doppler Velocimetry system (LDV) for vibration measurements with sub-angstrom resolution at frequencies from 10 Hz-20 MHz and spot size of less than 20 microns. The system is capable of single point transient scans, two dimensional spatially distributed steady state vibration scans, and two dimensional spatially distributed transient scans.

The lab is also equipped with microscopes, micropositioners and probes, and a variety of electrical test equipment. We can conduct basic mechanical and electrical fabrication (test fixturing and PC boards).

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